ZESTURE – Control Your Music, Movies, and Slides with Hand Gestures

Touchless technology has become the need of the hour, and with technological advancements taking place at a rapid pace, here’s another superb app – ZESTURE. 

Now, you no longer have to keep choosing between playing your favorite song on YouTube or working on some other application on your device. Yes, this can be done simultaneously and that too without touching the screen of your device. 

Zesture is a perfect solution that will surely make your life a lot easier, and of course, enjoyable too. This application uses your laptop’s camera to give you touch-free control over your 

  • media, 
  • music,
  • entertainment, and 
  • presentation applications. 

You do not require any additional hardware or tool to run, and your computer or laptop can be controlled from a distance, enabling you to work while stopping other activities.

Zesture App


Zesture is compatible with both MacOS as well as Windows. Let’s have a look at how to get this ultimate app on your laptop/desktop. 


Step #1: Visit Zesture, and download the app for “WINDOWS from the homepage. 

Step #2: Go to the downloads folder in your device, and by double-clicking open the downloaded Setup file (Zesture_latest.exe).

Step #3: Choose between 2 options for installation – 

  • Install for me only – This will install Zesture for only you. Other users will not be able to access it and will have to buy a separate license in order to use it.
  • Install for all users (recommended) – Installing Zesture for all the users on your laptop. Install it once, and everybody will be able to use it. (Note: You need to be an administrator to be able to use this option.)

Step #4: Click the Install button to start the installation process.

Step #5: Create a shortcut for Zesture when the installation is complete. 

Step #6: Click the checkbox next to “Launch Zesture” and then click the “Finish button” to launch Zesture. 


Step #1: Visit Zesture, and download the app for “MAC” from the homepage. 

Sep #2: Go to the downloads folder in your device, double-click the downloaded DMG file (Zesture_latest.dmg).

Step #3: To install the app, simply drag the “👋 Zesture” to the Applications folder and you’re done! 

Step #4: “Open” and enjoy the app by navigating to your Launchpad and clicking the 👋 Zesture icon. 


Zesture is a wonderful application, feature-packed with the following:

Screen Control With a Distance

Zesture allows the users to control their device’s screen from upto 5 feet away. This means you can play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind movies and TV shows without having to go near your computer/laptop. 

Control Background Media with Hand Gestures

By using your hand gestures you can control music and videos playing in the background, and continue using other apps without any interruptions. Zesture enables you to play or pause a YouTube video that’s playing in the background or switch to the next song from your favorite music streaming service while you are checking your emails or doing some other important work. 

Switch to Next Slide on Your Presentation by Staying Away

If you want to leave an impression on your audience and amaze them by controlling your slides with hand gestures, then Zesture is perfect for you. Your presentation slideshow can be controlled with just a wave of your hand. No endless clicking and no mouse required! Also, you’ll be able to express better by moving your hands freely. 

Absolutely Secure and Privacy Protected

If you’re worried about using your webcam to access Zesture, then stay stress-free! Gesture recognition is done locally on your computer and thus no recording, saving, or images or videos are sent at all. Plus, the camera is automatically turned off after a certain period of inactivity (configurable via the app).

Supports Multiple Actions

You can perform a variety of actions with Zesture to control music, videos, presentations, etc. including Play or Pause, Enter or Exit Full Screen, Forward or Rewind, Volume Up or Down, Next or Previous, and more. 

Excited to know what hand gestures support the various actions on your PC or Laptop’s screen? 

  • PLAY/PAUSE – Raise Palm in front of the screen’s camera to play a video, and to pause, raise your palm again.
  • FULL SCREEN – You can go full screen by zooming in with 2 fingers (thumb and finger), and it can be exit by zooming out with 2 fingers (thumb and finger)
  • NEXT or PREVIOUS SONG/VIDEO – Swipe your hand to the right to play the next video or song, and to the left, to go to the previous song or video. 
  • START/EXIT SLIDESHOW – You can zoom in with 2 fingers to start a slideshow, and zoom out to exit. 
  • CHANGE SLIDES – Swipe left to go to the previous slide, and right to go to the next slide.
  • FIRST and LAST SLIDE – Thumb up to go to the first slide, and thumb down to jump to the last slide

Works Excellently With Various Apps

Zesture will enable you to work seamlessly as it works perfectly with several different apps –

Video Apps – YouTube, VLC, and Netflix

Music Apps – Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music

Presentation Apps – Keynote and PowerPoint


Zesture allows you to have a “7 days free trial” that includes all the features, and is valid for one PC or laptop. 

Further, there’s a “standard package of ₹500 (one-time payment).” It includes a Mac/Windows app – yours to keep, forever, and is valid for one laptop/desktop. Plus, you’ll get one year of updates, technical Support for six months, and new apps and websites added regularly. 


The goal of Zesture is to make life easier and taking action without having to touch the screen of your PC/laptop. You may need a little time to get used to its outstanding features, but once you do, you’ll notice a significant change in your activities and how your productivity is boosted as well! 

Visit https://zesture.app/ and download the app today! 

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