10 Best Places to Get Royalty Free Music for Vlog

The background music is an important factor in a video blog, and finding a sound track whose style, tune, and rhythm fit into a Vlog’s picture can even turn around the final quality of the Vlog. 

Here are 10 royalty-free music websites I compile, and tunes on these sites are often in high quality and free download and have no copyright. Hope you can find the right background music for creating a wonderful Vlog.

1. FreePD


Here you can find film soundtracks, even the sound effects in 70s science-fiction movies, music made from different musical instruments, the pop music in different ages, and more. All tunes on FreePD are royalty-free and commercial available and no need to specify the source. The only downside is that you can not preview the sound before you download it. 

2. Sample Focus

Sample Focus

Hover your mouse over the music icons on Sample Focus and you can preview the sound directly, and click the download button if you like the tune, 40 free downloads per account and you can register multiple accounts. Also, you can upload your own royalty-free music to get credit.

3. Jamendo


A music community from Luxembourg and started service in 2005. Music on Jamendo are under CC (creative commons) licenses and can be downloaded, according to the type of license, you can modify and use the downloaded tunes for commercial purpose. 

4. Freesound


On Freesound, you can find many free environmental sound effects like the heavy traffic sound on the street, voices of the multitude, drums in background music, etc. and a variety of background music. The Freesound is actually a well known free music and sound effects website and many industry workers come here to find commercial music materials they need. 

You simply register on the Freesound and start to download the soundtracks. Note, however, you are required to specify the source when you use the downloaded tunes for commercial. 

5. Incompetech


This is a personal music materials collection website and has a lot of different pop music, music for different festive moods, background music in movie scenes. These tunes are free to download and you can use them in commercial marketing video but need to specify the source.

6. Ibeat


Ibeat is a free library of beats and loops, and every beat and loop is free for non-commercial use via the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. But you’ll also find loads of downloads, that are directly available for commercial sampling & remixing. Check the actual license. 

7. Pacdv


Pacdv has a variety of royalty free sound effects and audio clips. Click the link of a tune and you can preview it and right click to download it. 

8. Freesoundtrackmusic


Freesoundtrackmusic has a lot of royalty free background music and sound effects, and some are billed and some are labeled as “FREE” and have a download link then you can click to download and use them freely. 

9. Findsounds


You can search the web for free music and sound effects using Findsounds, and then right click to download. 

10. Looperman


This is a relatively professional soundtrack download site and allows music composers to upload their work and download others’ music materials. Most of the background music and sound effects are royalty free and free to download. Source indication is required when you use.

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