Best Video Stabilization Software – From Shaky to Steady in Just Seconds

Video stabilization software has made content creation easy for professionals and casual users alike. You no longer need expensive equipment for shooting high-quality footage. A smartphone or a decent camera will do the job. The major challenge in shooting a video with smartphones or handheld cameras is shakiness. It is hard to hold the camera perfectly steady. As a result, the video footage will be shaky. While you can use a tripod to counter the same, it is not always feasible. Also, gimbals are expensive for a casual user. This is where video stabilizer software shines.

What are Video Stabilization Software?

A video stabilization software is a tool designed to remove shakiness from a video. It uses algorithms or filters to stabilize shaky video footage automatically. Videos shot with a smartphone may be unsteady. It may be unavoidable if the person recording is moving around. Footage captured using action cameras, such as those from GoPro, maybe shaky and of poor quality if the person wearing the camera is engaging in adventure sports. The same may be the case with cameras that lack image stabilization.

Professionals use a gimbal or Steadicam for video image stabilization. It is an expensive piece of hardware that is used with cameras for keeping them steady. A gimbal may not be worth the cost for a casual user. Video stabilizer software are a cheap alternative that can stabilize shaky video footage shot with a phone, action camera, or other devices. The edited video looks as if it was shot using a tripod or gimbal. 

Nowadays, most video editing software come with built-in functionality to stabilize shaky video footage. There are a few cloud-based video stabilization software online as well as video stabilization apps for smartphones. The quality of video image stabilization differs from one software to another. Professional editors like Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve can stabilize shaky video footage better than free or casual tools. They also feature more adjustable parameters to tweak and improve video stabilization. However, there are a few regular editors that can provide comparable results.

Best Video Stabilization Software – From Shaky to Steady in Just Seconds

Here are the best video stabilization software that can turn footage from shaky to steady in just seconds. Some of them are paid while others are free. They are available on different platforms and devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and you can choose one that suits your requirements. 

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a great choice among the best video stabilization software. It is an editing tool that comes with video image stabilization functionality. To use the feature, first, import the clip that you want to stabilize and then double click on it in the timeline. A Tools menu will pop up in the video shake removal software, and you have to select Stabilization from it. It will open the Stabilization window from which you can adjust parameters such as Accuracy and Shaking as per the amount of shakiness in the video. Click on the Stabilize button and wait for the processing to finish. Don’t forget to click Apply after you are satisfied with the results. Movavi Video Editor is not only a video stabilizer software but offers other functionalities as well. The free 7-day trial version of Movavi video shake removal software supports stabilization. However, its editing features are limited as compared to the paid versions that start from $40. 

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular anti-shake video editing software. It comes with a built-in video image stabilization function known as Warp Stabilizer. You can access it from the Distort folder located in the Effects Panel. Adjustable parameters include Smooth Motion for smoothing camera movement and No Motion for eliminating motion from the video. You will want to select the latter to stabilize shaky video footage. There are additional framing options available as well for scaling and cropping images. If you already use Adobe Premiere Pro, then you don’t need to purchase a video stabilizer software separately. The Warp Stabilizer feature is also available in Adobe After Effects.

3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a popular editing software that incorporates the capabilities of a video stabilization software. It has been gaining popularity around the globe as a viable alternative to Premiere Pro. To stabilize shaky video footage in DaVinci Resolve, go to the Edit Page and select the Inspector tool. Scroll down to the Stabilization option and double click on it. There are three different modes available – Perspective, Similarity, and Translation. Generally, Perspective is suitable for most scenarios. DaVinci Resolve allows you to adjust various parameters such as Cropping Ratio, Zoom, Smooth, and Strength for further refining the results. Finally, click on Stabilize and watch the software work wonders. Some professionals consider DaVinci Resolve to be a slightly better video stabilization software than Adobe Premiere Pro. It has a wide range of editing features, and its basic version is free.

4. Windows Movie Maker

If you are searching for a free video shake removal software, then Windows Movie Maker may be a suitable option for you. Despite being several years old and a discontinued product, it is a good video stabilizer software. It can be downloaded from a few popular cloud repositories. Just add the video to a project, go to the Edit menu, and select Video stabilization. You can choose between three options – Anti-shake, Anti-shake and wobble correction-low, and Anti-shake and wobble correction-high. Do note that Windows Movie Maker has only a few basic features and lacks advanced editing functionalities. Still, it is excellent if you are only looking for a simple anti-shake video editing software. 

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another editing tool that has the capabilities of video stabilizer software. It offers a fairly simple method for video image stabilization. Import the footage, right-click on the imported clip in the media library, and select Video Stabilization. Alternatively, add the clip to the timeline, open the Editing panel, and select Stabilization. You can adjust the smoothness level as per the shakiness of the video. Finally, save the file, and you are good to go. Wondershare Filmora anti-shake video editing software also offers a Lens Correction tool to stabilize shaky video footage shot with action cameras like GoPro. The video stabilization software requires you to buy a subscription. 

6. VirtualDub + DeShaker 

VirtualDub and DeShaker together form another free video stabilization software for the Windows OS. VirtualDub is a free, open-source video processor that works with SDV and HDV clips. It requires DeShaker, which is a filter/plugin, for adding video image stabilization capability to the tool. Users will have to perform two passes to leverage the video shake removal software optimally. There are a few additional settings provided to adjust the footage. While VirtualDub and DeShaker are both free, they are not as user-friendly as some of the other video stabilization apps or software. Beginners or people who are not as experienced with tech may find them a little hard to use. 

7. iMovie

iMovie is a video stabilization app for the iOS and macOS platforms. It allows you to remove shakiness from videos easily and quickly. To accomplish the same, import the clip into a timeline of a project, click the Video Stabilization icon above the preview window of iMovie, select Stabilize Shaky Video, and wait for the processing to finish. You can adjust the correction percentage and Fix Rolling Shutter as per the camera motion in the footage. The tool comes with a bunch of editing features. iMovie is a completely free video stabilization app that can stabilize shaky video footage.

8. Google Photos App

Google Photos is an excellent video stabilization app for users on the Android platform. The feature is easy to use in Android smartphones. Choose the video clip from the gallery, click on the edit icon located in the toolbar, select the Stabilize option, and wait for the video stabilization app to finish processing. Google Photos is great for users who want to stabilize video clips shot on their Android smartphones. They don’t require anti-shake video editing software for desktop as they can stabilize shaky video footage on the smartphone itself. Considering that Google Photos is a free video stabilization app, it makes perfect sense for Android smartphones.

The above list of the best video stabilization software is not exhaustive. There are many other video shake removal software that can stabilize shaky video footage. Most video editing software come with built-in video image stabilization capability. If you are already using an anti-shake video editing software, then you won’t require additional tools.

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