Ways To Take Screenshot Of Entire Webpage

We may often need to use web screenshots in our work, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right way for processing it smoothly. There are many different ways to capture an entire webpage, but you have to find a way to match your computer system and browser type. In this article, we are going to sort out three types of webpage screenshot methods according to the mainstream computer system types, browser types, and the convenience for use, the methods include: System shortcut keys screenshot method, Browser plug-in screenshot method, Computer software screenshot method. Each method of screenshot will be explained in details in graphic combination. You can also find the corresponding download address at the bottom of each software description.

Before using the following method, please note that depending on the version of your computer or browser, whether the method is applicable is questionable. But we believe there is a way to meet your requirements.

System Shortcut Keys Screenshot Method

The main computer systems we use today includes: Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux. Windows and MacOS are the most widely used and mainstream computer systems. Therefore, this paper firstly selects these two systems to explain the method of entire webpage screenshot.

  1. Windows System Screenshot

Method 1. Screenshot of Ctrl + M or Ctrl + P Shortcut Keys on Some Computers
Step 1. Open the page for which you want to take a screenshot and press【Ctrl + M or Ctrl + P】

Step 2. In the dialog box that is displayed, select【Save as PDF】to save the webpage to the PC.

This works with Internet Explorer and other major browsers on Windows computers. If the shortcut keys have been changed, please just use the actual shortcut keys.

Method 2. Screenshot of Print Screen Button on Some Computers

Open the page you want to take a screenshot of and press【Print Screen】button on your keyboard. When using this method, please note that not all Windows keyboards come with this functional key.

Method 3. Screenshot of Shortcut Keys for Windows Chrome
Step 1. Open the page for which you want to capture a screenshot and press【Ctrl + Shift + I】

Step 2. Then press【Ctrl + Shift + P】

Step 3. Enter 【Capture Full size screenshot】in the search box

Step 4. Automatically save the picture to the computer. Or, after pressing【Enter】button, the save button pops up, and click to save the page image as PNG.

2. MacOS System Screenshot

Method 1. Screenshots by Safari or Chrome Shortcuts Keys
Step 1. Open the web page you want to take a screenshot in Safari or Chrome and press【⌘Command + P】 (Or click “File” → “Print” in the browser menu bar)

Step 2. Click【Save as PDF】on the page to save the entire webpage.

Method 2. Screenshots by MacOS Chrome Shortcuts Keys
Step 1. Open the web page you want to take a screenshot in Chrome and press【⌘Command + Option + I】

Step 2. Then press【⌘Command + Shift + P】

Step 3. Enter 【Capture Full size screenshot】in the search box

Step 4. Automatically save the picture to the computer. Or, after pressing【Enter】button, the save button pops up, and click to save the page image as PNG.

Browser Plug-in Screenshot Method

Google Chrome, Safari, IE/Edge, Firefox and Opera are the top five browsers in the world. The relevant screenshot plug-ins for each browser and instructions for taking screenshots by these plug-ins, please refer to the following text.

1. Awesome Screenshot – Google Chrome
Open the Chrome Extensions Online Market before using the Chrome Screenshots plug-in, and add the plug-in to your Chrome browser.

*Awesome Screenshot Plug-in Download – Link:

2. Fireshot – Supports IE/Edge、Chrome、Firefox、Opera and other browsers
Fireshot is not available in the Chrome plug-in market. You need to download it from the Internet and install it in the browser as an offline plug-in.

*FireShot Plug-in Download – Link: https://fireshot.en.softonic.com/

3. Firefox webpage screenshot plug-in

*The Firefox browser comes with it, no need to download it.

Computer Software Screenshot Method

You need to install the screenshot software supported by the system in advance. To download relevant software, you can use Google or Baidu to search, or go to the official website of the software for downloading.

1. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro – Windows Support

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is a fully functional screenshots software, it supports rectangle region, full Screen, window, scroll window, any area screenshot and other functions, which can meet all your screenshots needs. To use the software, you need to register, log in, or buy a Pro membership to enjoy the advanced features.

*Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro Download – Link: http://screenshot.net/

2. Faststone Capture Screenshot Software – Windows Support

Step 1. Open Faststone and click【Capture Scrolling Window <Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc>】button.

Step 2. Click the page window that you want to take a screenshot to scroll the screenshot automatically. After the screenshot is taken, the Faststone software interface will pop up. Select【Save As】in the upper left corner to save the image to the computer.

Please be noted that you need to sign up and buy a membership for using Faststone. If you prefer the free software, you can choose the screenshots functions that come with your system or browser, or download free screenshots softwares.

*Faststone Capture Download – Link: https://faststone-capture.en.softonic.com/

3. Snip Screenshot Software – MacOS Support

Open the Snip software and select【Start Scrolling Screenshot】in the software【Preferences】.

The Snip shortcut keys can be set in advance. After setting, press the shortcut keys to take a screenshot and save the picture to the PC.

*Snip Download – Link: https://snip.qq.com/

*Notes: To use the screenshot software on MacOS, you need to open【Settings → Security and Privacy → Screen Recording】in advance and check the privacy permission of the software to allow the software to record the screen of your Macbook. Otherwise, the software will not work properly.


The above-mentioned methods of capturing the entire picture of the webpage may differ according to different system versions or browser types, but it can basically meet the needs of most users. Nowadays, there are various of multi-functional, light and convenient screenshot softwares on the Internet. Before installing and using a software, please ensure that the software is legitimate and reasonable, and avoid downloading software that is not compliant or contains illegal information, so as not to cause damage to your computer.

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