How to Encrypt Your Videos and Distribute Securely to Only Authorized Users

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Where the internet is a great thing with a plethora of benefits, it has some side effects too. Cybercrime is quiet on the rise these days and not only textual files are prone to piracy but online media can be a great threat to user privacy and security. Images and videos are prone to piracy and theft therefore it is extremely important for the users to encrypt their videos before sharing it with the users. Prevent video to be pirated through encryption procedures.

Encrypting videos is extremely important before uploading it and sharing it online. But how can you do that? Well, there are a few different procedures to encrypt videos but the simplest and easiest of all is to use encryption software like the RecordShield video encryption software.

What is RecordShield?

You have digital content like videos that you want to upload online and you are concerned about the privacy of your online videos. You only want to share your online videos with authorized users. If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need a video protection software like RecordShield.

RecordShield is a content encryption and distribution platform that is comprised of three different components. These components are Riocrypt, Riocloud, and Rioplay. These three components make up the RecordShield providing the ultimate video copy protection. Using this software you can protect your digital videos from unauthorized viewing.

RecordShield Family:

RecordShield Family is made of three components as mentioned above. These three components along with their functions are described below:

#1, Riocrypt:

Riocrypt is a windows based desktop application which encrypts your video content.

#2, Riocloud:

It is a cloud based application that acts as a controller to provide access to the right users. Only the authorized users can get access to encrypted videos through Riocloud.

#3, Rioplay:

It is available in both windows based and android based platforms. It is used by the users to securely and safely play the content online.

How RecordShield Works?

Protect video from getting copied using this amazing video encryption software named RecordShield. It is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. First of all, you need to organize your videos in a single folder. Use the Riocrypt component of the RecordShield software to encrypt all your videos. Serial keys are created using the Riocloud component of the software. These serial keys can be used for distribution among the people you want to give authorized access to. You need to give these encrypted keys along with Rioplay for them to decrypt it. Rioplay can easily run on both Android and Windows platforms which means you can watch these encrypted videos on desktop or Android phones. Activate the videos on either Android or Windows to watch the videos. Play the videos easily using Rioplay.

The procedure is as simple as that. No separate buys, no hidden charges, nothing. Just click and encrypt and click and watch.

Features of RecordShield:

Below are described the amazing features of RecordShield video encryption software:

#1, Strong Encryption:

RecordShield promises you with the ultimate protection of your videos by providing top of the class encryption facilities. The encryption system uses 256-bit AES system encryption that strongly encrypts your content and allows you to distribute it securely to the authorized users.

#2, Single Screen Resolution:

The software offers single screen resolution restricting video to a single screen providing another level of security.

#3, Video Analytics:

RecordShield provides video analytics like when was the video played, how many times it was played, the expiry date of the video and the video playback time, etc.

#4, Video Playback Attributes:

The features like how many times the video was opened, video playback time and its expiry date are all possible through encryption. You can check the video playback features easily using RecordShield.

#5, Distribute Videos:

You can easily distribute the videos on USB pen drives, cloud, or DVD using this video encryption software.

#6, Activation:

You can perform the activation through a number of different channels like email, online, and messaging.

All these features make this software the best of the best for encrypting videos and distributing it online. Using this software you can easily prevent video to be pirated and protect video from getting copied.

How to Get Started with RecordShield?

First of all, download and install Riocrypt for Windows. You need the following system

  1. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. 
  2. Core 2 Duo or above processor with 2GHz or above.
  3. NVidia/ Ati / Intel Extreme Graphics having a minimum of 256MB Video RAM
  4. The Core Clock should be 600 MHz.
  5. DirectX 9.0c or Above.
  6. RAM: 2GB (Usable).

Create a new user account with Riocrypt. Click the ‘register now’ button that will redirect you to the browser. Enter all your details and click on the sign-up button. An email will be sent to your id for confirmation that you need to open for activation of your account.

Now comes the encryption part. Click on the ‘Add’ button to browse for the videos. The software only supports MP3, MP4, M4V files, other formats will not be supported. After selecting the required videos, click on the ‘encrypt files’ button to start the encryption process.

After the videos are encrypted, they will be available in .rio files which can only be played using the Rioplay component of the RecordShield software that too requires the encryption key to decrypt the files. You can safely distribute the serial key to the authorized users and the users can use the key in the Rioplay component to play the encrypted videos online.

The users can play the videos either on Android phones or on the Windows platform. You can have full video copy protection through this video encryption software and your videos will not be vulnerable to cyber-attacks anymore. You can safely upload videos and share it with the authorized users without the fear of getting your videos stolen or pirated that too with such amazing features and incredible functionality.

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