Enlight Pixaloop Review – A Simple Yet Powerful Photo Animation APP

If you are looking for a photo animation app that can help you bring your creation to life, then Enlight Pixaloop is an ideal choice for you. Enlight Pixaloop is a photo animator app that can help you bring your lovely photos to life in a cinematic way. It was designed by Enlight specifically for Android and iOS smartphones users. So, if you want some awesome looking animated photos, try this powerful phone editing app.

The way this app’s settings and features are makes it easy for just about anyone to animate photos within a few minutes. And to give your photos that extra oomph, this app is adorned with camera FX, overlays, and sky packs to aid with that. This is why enlight pixaloop is the most popular and loved animation app.

With Pixaloop, you can simultaneously move elements in different directions. For instance, if you need to create that trippy and unusual effects like a river moving in both directions or car wheel moving in both directions at the same time. This app also helps you animate all kinds of elements in your pictures. Whether it is clothing, waves, strands, or clouds, maybe be recreated or animated to fit your likings. For example, you want to animate steam oozing out of a coffee kettle or cup, waves movement in the water or even car moving.

This app has several standout features that give your photos that intoxicating effect –the geometric effect that allows you to add some spinning features to your photos (i.e., sheening wheel).

Enlight Pixaloop Animation Tools

With just a few taps and swipes, this app allows you to add any impressive effect you like to your still photos. You can easily create all sorts of neat effects by merely utilizing these tools. 

  • Anchors points –This tool helps you add an animation to the photo in the direction you will like. To add animation to your pictures, you start by adding an arrow on the specific element in that photo that you will like to animate. Ensure the arrow points in the direction you want the effect to move. After that, you can stretch the arrow to the distance you expect or want the effect to cover before it loops. 
  • Arrows –This tool helps you control the speed of the effect in specific areas of your photo. This enables you to balance the movement if it involves more than one element and also to add that realistic effect to it. 
  • Freeze brush – In case you have added motion to places you didn’t want to, then this tool will help you stop effect in those sections. This tool usually helps in regulating the spinning effects added to the photo to generate that dramatic effect, for instance, having a still tire with a spinning rim on your car. Sounds awesome, right? 

These tools can be combined to create different and more dramatic types of animation effects. For example, clouds moving in the sky in different directions and at different speeds.

Note:  The app supports both 16-bit and raw images to enhance faster and easy processing of the photos. 

Enlight Pixaloop App: Pros and Cons

The aim of using any phone editing app to animate photos is to add some amazing effects to your photos. But today, the number of photo editing apps has increased, and it is better understanding every app’s pros and cons before using it. So, here are some of the pros and cons of Enlight Pixaloop when it comes to adding animation to your photos.


  • Easy to use: The UI design for Pixiloop easy to understand and intuitive that makes this app easy to use. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with its tools, and you will be surprised how first you will get used to it and create almost any type of photo animation within minutes. 
  • Spotless effects: If you are aiming to get an app that creates professional-quality animated photos, then with Pixalooop, you can utilize the in-built camera FX features to construct cinematic effect quickly. 
  • Built-in animated overlays: After animating your photos, you will need to add some character to your creations. Therefore, pixaloop comes with built-in moving overlays such as butterflies, twinkling stars. These help you add some makeup and flavor that will make your edit look dreamy. 
  • Precision: One important thing when it comes to photo animation is precision. For instance, you want to edit the tip of your finger or tail of your gorgeous looking dog. Pixaloop gives you both flexibility and accuracy to do this.


  • It takes time to create perfect animated photos –For first times users, it may be a bit confusing or even a bit stressful designing a perfect animated picture. This is simply because you may need to undergo several processes that may involve path isolation and several other steps to get that complete edit.
  • Pixaloop requires high-quality photos –If you want to create quality animation effects on your photos by using the Pixaloop app, then you need high-quality images. This helps the app in differentiating two similar or close elements in the picture — for instance, two waves in a water body. 

What are the key features of Enlight Pixaloop?

Pixaloop is adorned with several exciting features designed to give you a quality experience. These features include: 

  • Animation and movement control – This app comes with in-built overlays and video effects, which are essential in controlling both animation and movements. 
  • Cinematic effect features – Pixaloop comes with a camera FX feature that is essential in creating impressive cinematic motions in your animations. Also, if you want that professional edit and look, then this the feature to help with that.
  • Geometric motion animation –This feature enables you to work and add effects to different elements at the same time.
  • Sky replacement feature –This feature allows you to work only with the sky. This is because it contains sky packs that enable you to replace the sky, sun, and moving clouds with the different looking sky.
  • Water animation feature – If you want that natural-looking water in your shot, then this is the feature that will exactly help you do that.

Enlight Pixaloop Cost Performance

Enlight Pixaloop app is available in both the App Store and Play Store and is free to download. Despite having a premium option, this app still has plenty of free features that you can utilize and even get quality animation effects on your photo.

With the paid subscription or premium account, you will have unlimited features at your disposal.  Also, the new and advanced features will be available to you but not for the free users. 

Here is Pixaloop’s pricing plan:

  • $55 –Allows you to unlock lifetime premium features.
  • $19 –Allows you to unlock one-year premium features.
  • $3.99 –Allows you to unlock one-month premium features.

Enlight Pixaloop Alternatives and Similar Apps

If you are interested in trying some of the alternative apps, then here is the list of some of the best photo animation apps. 

  1. Cinemagraph Pro
  2. lotagraph Pro
  3. StoryZ
  4. Cinemask
  5. GIF Camera

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