How to Edit Videos on iPhone and iPad

Apple products have dominated the technological market for a very long time. They are known for their high-quality performance and exclusivity, which brings out the best technological experience. Each Apple products consist of features which are unique and easy to use. Its features are one of the things that separate Apple products from others. 

One such feature of the Apple iOS is its camera. The iPhone and iPad are famous for their camera’s brilliant resolution. The camera is clear and has several shooting modes which are easily equivalent to that of a professional camera or a DSLR. It has an optical image stabilization which makes sure that any picture taken, or video made looks as realistic and possible. 

The growing trend of uploading stories on various social media platforms and vlogs on YouTube has made it essential for people to have a good phone camera. Apple products are the perfect choice for this. However, a long with a good camera it is also important to make sure that your iPhone or iPad has a good video editing app which creates and edits videos according to your style and preference. 

What options are available for users?

Apart from Apple’s own video editor, there are many different video editing apps which can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad. Some of these editing apps are affiliated with third parties. This means, as you download these apps, you may be asked to sign up or give these apps the permission to access your iPhone or iPad.  Some of these apps include: iMovie app, Clips, Power Director, Luma fusion, Kine master and videograder. All of these apps are supported by the iOS software and can be found on stores. The iMovie app is one such app that can be used. It can be downloaded via the Apple store for free. The app can be used to add titles, music, voice covers and photos into the videos which you create too. 

These video editors are better for more advanced multimedia application. A lot of internet personalities (think YouTubers) use their iPhones to record videos and use iMovie to add animations and other edits on their videos. So, keep that in mind as you’re looking for a video editor. If you’re not looking for something not overly professional, then iMovie on the iOS is perfect for easy, everyday use. 

iMovie Overview

Making videos might be easy but editing them is a hard task as not everybody understands how it is done. The most attractive thing about iMovie which helps it stand out from the competition is just how easy and intuitive it is to use. That’s not all, as mentioned earlier, regular users of iMovie will tell you that it is very easy to create casual, yet professional videos bound to impress whoever you are sending your video to. What’s more, iMovie is free- yes, it does not cost anything to download or use so beginners and professionals can enjoy the benefit of having a literal production studio in their iPhone or iPad. 

Features Available

iMovie includes all basic video editing features such as trimming, cropping and merging as well. These features are readily available on the iPhone iOS as well the iPad so you can even edit your videos on the go. In order to use these features, all you must do is open the video content and drag your finger across the parts you want to keep and click save. iMovie automatically crops or trims the videos to view later. Similarly, for merging, you can place the videos to be merged side by side and also according to the timestamps and iMovie makes sure that they’re finished for you to view and review. 

iMovie also helps in making other adjustments in the video such as its brightness and sharpness. These tools are the most basic and important tools which you need when you are dealing with videos and pictures professionally. The quality of the video depends upon these adjustments. 

In the edit tab, you will notice that there is an “Adjust” tool located in the horizontal strip below the video. This section deals with the brightness, sharpness and contrast of the video. As you keep swiping this section of the native video editor you will see various icons showing these features. When you click on each of these icons you will notice the dial to change the adjustment levels. 

The tools included in this section apart from the basic ones are, Warmth, Tint, Definition, Noise Reduction, Vignette, Saturation and Vibrance. You can make changes to any of these however you feel fit and. 

You can also edit slow-motion videos made on an iPhone using iMovie. You can use iMovie to select whichever part of the video you want to be slowed down and which you want to be played normally. This means that you can regulate the speed of certain parts of the video which you want to be viewed or not viewed. 

There’s a layering option available on iMovie which you can use to your advantage to edit out scenes which you don’t like and also to make more professional jump cuts between scenes. You can also use the option to add animations and captions on your video. It also allows for users to do voiceover addition and its user interface is very straightforward so you can do all of the above mentioned quite easily.

What’s more, you can easily import videos from iCloud and also export your projects there. Furthermore, and this is what attracts most people, you can share files through AirDrop as well as directly upload content on YouTube.

The Downside

The only issue with the iMovie software is that it can be a bit confusing since there are no tutorials available. You will have to learn to edit videos yourself, but the interface is really easy to understand- especially on the iPhone where you can go through the options available and make your decisions accordingly. There is no 360-video editing available nor can you use multi-cam editing mode, which is available on other software. But if you want more professional options, you’ll obviously have to look to professional editors. At the end of the day, iMovie is a free application and the number of features it offers for a free software is impressive.

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