9 Best Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloaders of 2022

The YouTube thumbnail downloaders enable users to download the thumbnails of videos available on the media platform. They make the process simple and effortless. Otherwise, users have to take screenshots and edit them or download the video and then extract the thumbnail images from them. The process of manually making thumbnails may be complicated for the average user and takes a bit of time. These thumbnails may be required for blogs, advertisement campaigns, or other videos. Most free YouTube thumbnails downloaders enable users to download the thumbnails for videos in multiple resolutions ranging from MQ to Full HD. They have a straightforward download process and are easy to use. Here are a few great online tools for downloading YouTube thumbnails.

1. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

YouTube Thumbnail Grabber allows users to download thumbnail images of videos uploaded on YouTube and even Vimeo without any charges. All they have to do is enter the URL of the video and then click on the Get Thumbnail Images button to download the images. The best feature of the YouTube Thumbnail Grabber is that it allows users to download thumbnails in multiple sizes. These include 120×90, 320×180, 480×360, 640×480, and 1280×720 sizes. In addition to the online functionality through the browser, YouTube Thumbnail Grabber is also available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

2. Thumbnail Save

Thumbnail Save is a popular platform used to download YoutTube thumbnails. It is completely free to use and facilitates thumbnail preview and download. Users are required to paste the URL in the provided box and then click Submit. The tool will fetch the thumbnails for the URL in multiple resolutions that include 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p. These images can be downloaded on a computer, smartphone, or other devices. They can be used as required by the users. Thumbnail Save does not charge any money or show ads, making it a great YouTube thumbnail downloader. It is one of the few tools that support the Full HD resolution thumbnail download.

3. YouThumbNail

YouThumbNail is a website that enables users to download YouTube video thumbnails quickly. They are extracted from the media platform by YouThumbNail and made available for download. The tool requires that the URL of the video must be pasted into the provided search box, upon which it will grab the thumbnails. It fetches three thumbnail sizes by default – HD (1280×720), Medium (480×360), and Small (320×180). The HD size will be ideal for most scenarios. Additionally, YouThumbNail also enables users to download the YouTube thumbnails in six more sizes. They have to add the video ID to links that are provided on the website, and the instructions are also available. The platform is free and doesn’t show any advertisements or charge fees.

4. Get YouTube Thumbnail

Individuals searching for a free YouTube thumbnail downloader will find Get YouTube Thumbnail to be a suitable option. It makes it possible to download the thumbnail of any video posted on the platform. The URL for the target clip must be pasted into the search box provided. Once a user presses the Get YouTube Thumbnail button, the thumbnail download tool will make two images available. These will have sizes of 1280×720 and 480×360, respectively, and can be saved on a computer locally. Get YouTube Thumbnail also provides URLs for these two thumbnails. What makes it one of the best free YouTube thumbnail downloaders is that it does not show any ads.

5. YouTube-Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails is a tool that can be used to save thumbnails of media uploaded to YouTube. It enables users to fetch the thumbnails without having to take screenshots or download the videos. They may need the images for their blog articles or other purposes. YouTube Thumbnails makes it easy to get the thumbnails with minimum effort and time. All users are required to do is enter the URL of the YouTube video and click on Find. The tool will provide thumbnails in four sizes – 320×180, 480×360, 640×480, and 1280×720. They can be downloaded through their respective buttons. YouTube Thumbnails is free from any ads or charges.

6. YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

As is evident from its name, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is an online website-based tool for getting the thumbnails of videos uploaded on the video-sharing platform.  It fetches them via the video URL link that users have to enter in the search box. The tool will then grab thumbnails of three different sizes – 1280×720, 480×360, and 320×180. Users can save them by clicking on the download button on each image. Additionally, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader provides a lot of information regarding thumbnail optimization on its website. It does rely on an advertisement model for revenue generation and shows various ads.

7. Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter makes it easy to get and save thumbnails of videos uploaded on the social media platform. It requires a URL that points to the target clip and then grabs the images in various sizes. OnlineUniConverter supports HD(1280×720), SD(640×480), HQ(480×360), MQ(320×180), and 120×90 resolutions for thumbnails. Users can download some or all of these as per their requirements. There are a couple of drawbacks with Online UniConverter. Firstly, it requires users to create an account, which is free, for using the tool. Secondly, users can download thumbnails only five times in the free plan.

8. YouTube Thumbnail Image (YTI)

YouTube Thumbnail Image is a tool that can be used to download thumbnails of YouTube videos in multiple sizes. The process is straightforward and takes a simple click. Users can paste the URL of the target video in the search box and then click on the Search button. YouTube Thumbnail Image will fetch the thumbnails for the video in four sizes – MQ (320×180), HQ (480×360), SD (640×480), and HD (1280×720). These can be downloaded and saved on the machine and then used for different purposes. This thumbnail downloader is free to use but does show ads on the website.

9. softr YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

softr YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is another option for fetching the thumbnails of YouTube uploads. The website-based tool is simple to use but has limited features as compared to the other options. A URL for the video must be entered, and the platform will fetch the thumbnail. However, it only provides one thumbnail in SD resolution (640×480). Users who need the thumbnails of YouTube videos in multiple sizes can consider alternative options. softr YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is free to use but shows advertisements.

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