Best Cinemagraphs APPs 2020 – Create Stunning Cinemagraphs for Personal and Commercial Use

Cinemagraphs apps have become extremely popular with the widespread use of social media platforms. Individual users, small organizations, and big brands employ them alike to make their presence felt on the web. They allow you to create cinemagraphs easily while saving time and effort. 

What is a Cinemagraph?

A Cinemagraph is an image or photo that has some moving elements, while most of the image is still. They are made with cinemagraphs apps that enable you to create stunning photos. For e.g., if you have taken a picture of yourself in front of an ocean, you can set the waves to ripple while you remain still in the image. Cinemagraphs garner viewers’ attention and improve the engagement on your website and social media profiles. They are a powerful marketing tool as well.

A true cinemagraph consists of a still image and a video. Some software may obtain the still image from the video or allow you to choose a frame. A video is an essential requirement to make cinemagraphs. To understand the working of a cinemagraph, consider two layers on top of each other. The bottom layer plays the video on a loop while the top layer consists of a still image from the video. You will not be able to see the video as the image covers it. 

To see the bottom video, you will have to cut “holes” into the image. This process is known as masking and is done in apps to convert videos into cinemagraphs. Only the areas you mask for motion show the bottom video while the rest are occupied by the top image. The image and video are then blended into one to create a moving image or cinemagraph.

There are some apps that create pseudo cinemagraphs by adding animations to still images. These apps don’t require a video, unlike a cinemagraph app Instagram users employ. The resulting animated image is not as good as those created with dedicated cinemagraphs apps for PC or mobile devices.

Best Cinemagraphs APPs 2020 – Create Stunning Cinemagraphs for Personal and Commercial Use

If you want to turn videos into semi-still photographs, then here are the best cinemagraphs apps of 2020. You can use them to create stunning cinemagraphs for personal and commercial use. Some of them are available for smartphones whiles others are cinemagraphs apps for PC.

1. Cinemagraph Pro

ClipGraph is one of the best cinemagraphs apps for PC. It allows you to convert videos into cinemagraphs in no time. The interface of the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will be able to learn and master ClipGraph in a few minutes. It is designed specifically to turn videos into still photos and does not have any unnecessary features. You can purchase the ClipGraph software for a one-time payment of $67. It allows you to install the cinemagraphs maker on two computers and is available for both macOS and Windows. On the negative side, it does not come with any additional features, filters, or effects that may be used to create cinemagraphs.

2. DrawMotion

Draw Motion is one of the popular cinemagraphs apps for iOS devices. It makes it easy to create cinemagraphs on your smartphone or tablet. Just draw on the video with your fingertip to mask steady and moving areas. Once you click save, it will convert the video into cinemagraph. You may shoot a video inside the app through your smartphone’s camera. Alternatively, you can import an existing one to turn videos into semi-still photographs. DrawMotion is a rare cinemagraphs maker that comes with a built-in stabilization feature. It automatically processes and stabilizes the video before you mask it. DrawMotion is one of the cinemagraphs apps Instagram users love and is entirely free. 

3. Liquivid Easy Cinemagraph

Easy Cinemagraph from Liquivid is among the best cinemagraphs apps for PC. Users can create cinemagraphs with it in a few minutes. The process to turn videos into semi-still photographs is pretty simple. Import the video, use the brush to paint a mask, and then export the file. Easy Cinemagraph offers a few extra adjustment options for altering color and speed or cropping and rotating the video. There are twenty-three effects that you can apply after you turn videos into still photos. The cinemagraphs maker supports a wide range of input and output formats. You can export files in JPEG, GIF, and WebM formats in addition to video formats. Easy Cinemagraph is available for Windows and macOS platforms. It costs $49.99, and you can use the cinemagraphs apps for PC on up to three machines if purchased directly from the website.

4. Loopsie (iOS, Android)

Loopsie is one of the best cinemagraphs apps that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. You can turn videos into semi-still photographs with it easily on your mobile devices. The video editing process is effortless and straightforward. There are two brush modes for masking still and moving areas separately to convert videos into cinemagraphs. Loopsie is one of the few cinemagraphs apps with a built-in stabilization algorithm for yielding high-quality results. It allows you to share to social media platforms directly and supports common aspect ratios used on them. Loopsie is an excellent cinemagraph app Instagram users will like. It is free to download but offers in-app purchases.

5. PICOO Camera

PICOO Camera is another popular choice among cinemagraphs apps. It is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can turn videos into still photos with a stunning motion effect for captivating viewers. To create cinemagraphs, record a video through the smartphone’s camera using the app and select the motion area. It comes with multiple filters that you can apply to the videos. The only disadvantage of PICOO Camera is that you have to record videos with the app to create cinemagraphs. It won’t be possible to convert videos into cinemagraphs from existing files. PICOO Camera is free to use on both platforms.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop

Users who want professional cinemagraphs apps for PC can opt for Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop. Both the video editing and photo editing apps allow you to turn videos into semi-still photographs. However, as compared to specialized cinemagraphs makers that are easy to use, Premiere Pro and Photoshop have a very complicated editing process. You will need to be familiar with the workings of these software. The time required to convert videos into cinemagraphs is more, but you will have extensive customization options. Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop enable you to create studio-quality cinemagraphs. They do require a subscription, and users need to invest time in learning them.

In addition to the cinemagraphs makers mentioned above, there are a few cinemagraphs apps that don’t create true cinemagraphs. Instead, these apps apply 3D effects or filters to existing still images. They are added as an overlay and do not modify the elements in the image. These may include effects like steam, snow, party confetti, wave ripples, and many more. It gives an illusion of movement in the image. Cinemagraph app Instagram users who need such pseudo effects can consider Lumyer, Vimage, Pixaloop, and StoryZ. They do not work with videos, and only with still images.

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