7 Best PDF Translation Tools of 2021 – Convert Documents Into Different Languages Easily

The best PDF translation tools of 2021 make it easy to convert documents into different languages. They are used by casual users and professionals alike as they reduce the time and effort required for the conversion process. Individuals use them to transform documents from unfamiliar languages into familiar ones. Companies and online platforms may employ them to change a document, report, or other text forms into multiple languages for different audiences. There is no need to convert the documents from scratch manually, saving time and resources for entities. These advantages have made PDF translations tools indispensable in the multi-lingual world.

Things to Consider When Choosing a PDF Translation Tool

There are quite a few PDF translation tools available in 2021. Here are a few things to consider for choosing the best PDF translation tool for your requirements.

Languages Supported

The main thing to consider when choosing a PDF translation tool in 2021 is the languages supported by it. A PDF translation tool may only translate from and to specific languages. Make sure that it can convert the text from the source language to the target one. Most of them support multiple languages, with some PDF translation tools integrating more than a hundred languages. Choose an app or a software that supports all the languages according to your requirements.


While the best PDF translation tools of 2021 won’t be up to the same level as a human translator, still they must be reasonably accurate. They should be able to translate the language while preserving the underlying meaning of the document. The errors should be minimal if any at all.

OCR Capability

If you need to translate scanned documents or text in images, you might want to consider PDF translation tools with OCR capability. Optical Character Recognition allows the software to detect and apprehend text in images and convert it easily. It will make the process easier; otherwise, you will have to convert the scanned image into a textual document using another tool. Tools that don’t have OCR capability will only work with the textual content in a PDF file and not images.

Document Format/Layout Preservation

An issue with many PDF translation tools of 2021 is that they may alter the formatting or layout of the document. It can make the document asymmetrical, requiring you to edit it manually, which can be time-consuming. The issue is prominently seen when translating scanned documents. However, quite a few tools can preserve the layout of the source document, saving you time and effort. Therefore, consider a PDF translation tool that keeps the formatting and layout of the document.

Best PDF Translation Tools of 2021

If you want to convert a file from one language to another, here are some of the best PDF translation tools of 2021. Some of them are free, while others may charge a subscription.

1. Google Translate a Document Tool

One of the best PDF translation tools of 2021 is Google Translate, or more specifically, its Translate a Document Tool. It supports more than one hundred languages, making it quite versatile. The feature that makes Google Translate the best PDF translation tool of 2021 is that it is entirely free to use. It allows you to upload a PDF document or other file formats. You can then choose the source and target languages and convert the text. The downside of Google’s Translate a Document Tool is that it won’t allow users to save the file in PDF format. However, they can use Microsoft Print to PDF or other similar functionality to save the translated file. Overall, Google Translate a Document Tool is one of the best PDF translation tools of 2021 owing to its feature set and popularity.

2. Multilizer PDF Translator

Users searching for the best PDF translation tools of 2021 can also consider Multilizer PDF Translator. It is a decent tool that can be download on a Windows computer or laptop. Users will need an active internet connection for it. An online version of the translator is also available. Multilizer PDF Translator can automatically translate documents while preserving the original layout. There are over 40 languages supported by it, which is a bit less as compared to some of the other tools. Still, it is a good option among the best PDF translation tools of 2021. Multilizer PDF Translator charges on a per-page basis. You will have to pay 19EUR for 50 pages, 49EUR for 500 pages, and 190EUR for 5,000 pages. Its free version allows users to translate up to 15 pages with a limitation of 3 pages per document and also inserts a watermark. Users have the option of trying it out for determining the best PDF translation tools of 2021 for their use case.

3. Pairaphrase

Professionals searching for the best PDF translation tools of 2021 will find pairaphrase to be a suitable option. It is an online, cloud-based tool that packs powerful translation features. The platform utilizes translation tools from Microsoft and Google. pairaphrase supports over 100 languages (60 in the basic packages and Tokyo subscription) and 24 file formats, earning it a spot among the best PDF translation tools of 2021. It features Dynamic Machine Learning and automatic file formatting for delivering professional results. Additionally, pairaphrase comes with an integrated spell checker and can translate scanned documents. The flipside of pairaphrase is that it charges on a per word basis, and the subscription is quite expensive. However, considering its feature set and the fact that it is catered towards professionals, many users may be willing to pay the premium. They may find it to be the best PDF translation tool of 2021 for their requirements.

4. LingvaNex Translator

LingvaNex is one of the best PDF translation tools of 2021 that comes with great recommendations from professionals. It is available for Windows and Mac desktops and laptops as well as Android and iOS devices. Integration for SDKs and APIs is also supported. The tool can translate to and from over a hundred languages through its neural machine translation technology. It can work both online and offline. LingvaNex PDF translator can be used with files as large as 500MB or those containing up to 5,000,000 characters. It even supports voice translation and comes with an integrated dictionary, making it one of the best PDF translation tools of 2021. LingvaNex lifetime subscription bundle for desktop and mobile costs $399 but can often be purchased for as low as $79.99 in sales.

5. PDF Translator

PDF Translator is another free online option among the best PDF translation tools of 2021. It supports over 100 languages and is fairly simple to use. The process of using the PDF Translator involves three steps. You upload your source PDF file from a computer or a cloud platform like Google Drive. Next, you select the target language in which you want the file translated. Finally, download the translated file once the process finishes. PDF Translator is absolutely free and does not even require an email address or registration, making it one of the best PDF translation tools of 2021.

6. DocTranslator

DocTranslator is yet another free online offerings among the best PDF translation tools of 2021. It also relies on the same engine as Google Translate and therefore shares most of its abilities with the tool. Therefore, it also supports more than one hundred languages, including RTL (Right-to-Left) ones like Arabic and Hebrew. The advantage of DocTranslator is that it maintains the exact format and styling as the source file. All of the translated content is inserted in the place of the original one for preserving the document’s layout. Its features make DocTranslator one of the best PDF translation tools of 2021. The tool is completely free to use and does not ask for registration.

7. TransPDF

When it comes to the best PDF translation tools of 2021, TransPDF is an excellent choice. It translates documents while retaining the formatting, color, and font of the source for minimizing post-translation alterations. TransPDF has the OCR ability to make scanned documents editable. It even allows users to test if their PDF can be translated before actually beginning the process, earning it a spot among the best PDF translation tools of 2021. Users also have access to Infix PDF editor for free when using files translated with TransPDF. They can make any corrections or issues that may have arisen due to the translation. TransPDF requires the purchase of credits, with one credit costing $0.50 (or as low as $0.15 when bulk buying). One credit is required for translating a single page. The tool integrates with ONTRAM, Memsource, and memoQ platforms as well.

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