7 Best Logo Makers and Logo Generators of 2021

Logo makers and logo generators have become quite popular in the internet-driven world. They enable users to create logos for their brand effortlessly without the need for any graphic designing experience. Using a logo creator is more affordable as compared to hiring a dedicated designer, making them ideal for individuals and startups who don’t have the budget for outsourcing logo design.

What is a Logo Maker?

A logo maker or logo generator is an online tool or platform that allows users to create logos for their brands. Most logo creators are web-based and only require an internet browser to function. They simplify the process of creating logos and reduce the time and effort needed. Users don’t need any prior graphic designing experience, making online logo generators great for everyone. There are many templates and layouts available in logo makers for businesses specializing in different domains. Users can select a template that suits their brand and customize it. They can select icons or shapes for their logo, add text like the business’ name and tagline, and choose colors, with the whole process taking a few minutes. The logo can be downloaded and used online or in print.

Many online logo generators leverage AI algorithms to make logos automatically. They ask users for their business domain, a few descriptive keywords, and other information and then generate a logo based on the same. Users can then customize and finalize the logo according to their preferences. A few online logo makers are designed for DIY and allow the creation of logos from scratch. They are suitable for individuals who have some graphics designing experience.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Logo Maker

The number of logo makers and logo generators is growing every day. Users must select the right tool for their requirements. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a logo maker.

Ease of Use

The essential characteristic to consider when choosing a logo maker is its ease of use. An online logo generator is primarily built to facilitate the easy and convenient creation of logos. Users who have no graphic design experience should be able to make a logo effortlessly. The interface must be user-friendly, and the process from creation to finalization/download smooth and straightforward.


An online logo generator must ideally provide good customization options to the users. While it must automate and streamline the process of making logos, there should still be enough flexibility provided to users for personalizing the logo as per their branding requirements. Customization of colors, fonts, shapes, and icons should be supported. Checking the customization options available in online logo generators is highly recommended.


Price is another factor to consider when browsing online logo creators. Some of them are completely free, while others may be paid. A few logo makers may allow free download of low-quality files but charge for high-quality images or vector files. The cost is generally specified on a per-logo basis, although some may offer bulk packages as well. Individuals should consider online logo generators that fit their budget and requirements. Designers working with online logo makers may also assist paying customers in customizing and finalizing their designs, giving the logos a professional finishing touch.

The Best Logo Makers and Logo Generators of 2021

Here are some highly recommended logo makers and logo generators to create a logo design for your business. Most of them don’t require any prior design experience and are easy to use.

#1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands Logo Maker is one of the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. It leverages an AI algorithm for suggesting parameters like colors, fonts, icons, and styles, assisting in the logo creation process. Once the user inputs their preferences, the online logo generator creates a logo based on them. Users can customize the design as per their requirements for finalizing the logo. There are plenty of personalization options available in the online logo maker. The logo can be downloaded as a PNG file for online use and a vector, SVG, or eps file for printing purposes. A logo can be created with Tailor Brands Logo Maker in a few minutes. Most users will find the logo creator easy to use and learn. There are three different subscription plans available – Basic, Standard, and Premium. A low-resolution version of logos can be downloaded for free.

#2. Logo Makr

Logo Makr is one of the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021 for users who want a highly customizable experience. It is suitable for individuals who have some designing experience. Upon visiting the website, users are greeted straight away by the online logo generator’s canvas. A pop-up explainer introduces the online logo maker and details its workings. Tooltips provide further information about different functions. It is a DIY logo maker with an extensive set of customization options. Its library contains a comprehensive set of assets and shapes that can be employed for making logos. The quality of the logo will depend on the designing skills and experience of the user. Logo Makr charges $19 per design or $140 for twenty designs.

#3. Canva Logo Maker

Canva Logo Maker is a popular option among the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. The well-known platform also incorporates an online logo maker. Like most of its other features, the process of creating logos is also based on the drag and drop functionality. Users who have little designing experience will find it suitable. Canva Logo Maker features an extensive library of logo templates for different business categories. Users can choose a template and then customize it according to their requirements with the online logo generator. They can change colors, fonts, and shapes and add text as per the branding. There are stock icons, pictures, stickers, and vectors in addition to filters and animations in the library of the logo creator. Canva Logo Maker allows users to export the finished files in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats. Canva is a free option among the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021, although the paid plan has a large library of assets.

#4. BrandMark

BrandMark is a decent choice among the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. It is targeted at individuals with no designing experience and leverages the power of AI to assist them. All users have to do is enter the brand name and tagline, specify a few keywords representing their services, and choose a color template. The online logo generator will make several logo concepts automatically and present them onscreen. Users can select and customize the one that appeals to them. While the online logo maker facilitates the generation of unlimited logos for free, users have to pay $25 for downloading the logo in the PNG format. The $65 Designer package of the BrandMark logo creator provides access to source files and includes other branding items like business cards, letterheads, and social profile icons. Their designers assist the users with logo customization if they opt for a paid package.

#5. Looka Logo Maker

Looka Logo Maker is another AI-based platform out of the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. It facilitates the creation of a customized logo in as few as five minutes. The AI algorithm takes user inputs like company name and domain along with their style, shape, symbol, and color preferences to generate personalized logos. Users can finalize the logo by changing colors, fonts, and layouts according to their requirements. The online logo generator enables users to save the finished logo files as vector and PNG files. Business cards, social media profile templates, and other branding assets can also be provided by the online logo maker. Users have to pay $20 for one logo (downloaded as a PNG file) and $65 for the complete branding set that includes vector formats.

#6. Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft Logo Maker is a free tool when it comes to the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. It enables users to easily make professional-quality logos for websites and brands without requiring any previous designing experience. The online logo creator provides a library of assets to its users. They can select an icon or shape that is suitable for their brand and pair it with their brand name and slogan. Ucraft Logo Maker even allows them to customize the logo’s color and size and add new shapes. The design can be previewed in the online logo generator. Once a user is satisfied, the logo may be finalized and downloaded. Individuals can download the PNG file to use digitally for free but have to pay $7 for a vector (SVG) file for printing purposes. Overall, it is one of the best logo creators.  

#7. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is another recommended item out of the best logo makers and logo generators of 2021. It can be easily confused with Logo Makr mentioned previously. However, this product is suitable for individuals who don’t know anything about designing. The process of the online logo generator involves three steps. Users enter text like their business name and tag line, choose a design, and customize it according to their requirements. They can change the logo’s style, select a font, and opt for a layout from the options available in the logo creator. Finished files can be downloaded in PNG, JPG, GIF, and EPS formats. Logo Maker has a decent asset and template library that will be adequate for most businesses. The services of this online logo maker start from $39.99.

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