9 Best Free Image Compression and Optimization Tools of 2022

The best free image compression and optimization tools have made life easier for users, blog owners, and web developers. These tools can compress, resize, and optimize image files. It can be handy when users have to upload image files on platforms that impose a size limit. They can compress the files and resize them as required, and provide adequate customization options as well.

Here are the best free image compression and optimization tools of 2022. Most of them have a straightforward design and can perform the conversion quickly, and are free to use, with a few requiring a paid subscription for advanced features.

#1. JPEG-Optimizer

JPEG-Optimizer allows users to resize and compress their files and download a smaller version for displaying online or sending by email. The tool works in a browser and is straightforward to employ. Users can choose a compression level between 0 and 99 according to their requirements. The default value is 65 and works well for most use cases. They can also resize the image by selecting a new width in pixels. JPEG-Optimizer adjusts the height proportionally to maintain the same aspect ratio. Once the processing finishes, users can download the compressed image to their computer. The tool is completely free to use but is only designed for JPEG files.

#2. tiny png

tiny png can be used for reducing the size of JPEG, PNG, and WEBP files. It employs smart lossy compression techniques that reduce the number of color shades present in the file, significantly lowering image size. The differences between the original and the resulting image are very hard to notice. Users can download the files or send them to their Dropbox accounts in the same format as they uploaded. tiny png allows users to compress up to 20 images at a time for free, with a maximum size limit of 5MB per image. A paid Pro subscription that enables more than twenty simultaneous file uploads at a time and increases the per file size limit to 75MB is available for professional users.

#3. Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer supports compression of jpg, jpeg, gif, png, BMP, and tiff file formats, although webp files are not supported. There are six different quality options available to the users. They can also specify either the height or the width of the image, and the tool will adjust the other size proportionally. Compressed files can be downloaded and saved. Image Optimizer tool is available online as well as in a downloadable format. Its online version is completely free and does not insert a watermark but allows one file download at a time. There are two downloadable versions available, out of which one is free but inserts a watermark in compressed images while the other does not but costs £29. Users can compress images in bulk with the downloadable versions of Image Optimizer.

#4. Optimizilla

Optimizilla works online and allows users to upload, compress, and download their image files. It supports JPEG, GIF, and PNF file formats, which will be adequate for most users. Optimizilla employs a combination of lossy compression and optimization algorithms to shrink the files while keeping the desired levels of quality. Users can upload up to twenty files at a time for compression. A slider allows them to adjust the level of compression for the files. Once the process is finished, the files can be downloaded. Instructions for Optimizilla are available in multiple languages, making the tool easy to use.

#5. Kraken.io

Kraken.io allows users to upload files directly, upload a zip containing all image files, or import them directly from cloud storage platforms (box, Dropbox, or Google Drive). There are three compression modes supported – Lossy for maximum compression, Lossless for preserving image quality, and an Expert mode that provides a few customization options for advanced users. The web interface of Kraken.io online image optimizer is free but imposes a 1MB per-file limit. A subscription for Kraken.io PRO is available that unlocks URL Paster and Page Cruncher source methods and the ability to resize images while also increasing the size limit for each file.

#6. Compressor.io

Compressor.io works online and enables users to shrink their images easily. The file formats supported by Compressor.io include jpg, png, gif, SVG, and webp. Users can choose between Lossy (lower image quality) and Lossless (same image quality) compression techniques according to their requirements. The files can be downloaded after the processing is complete.  Custom settings and resizing options are only available in the paid Pro version of Compressor.io. The free version allows a maximum file size of 10 MB. It increases to 20MB in the paid PRO version.

7. Compressnow

Compressnow has a simple interface that even inexperienced users will be able to navigate. Users can upload their image files to the online platform. Then, they can drag a slider to adjust the compression level of the processed files. Higher compression levels yield a smaller file but with a higher loss of quality. Finally, they can download the processed files to their computer. Compressnow can simultaneously process ten files with a maximum size limit of 9MB (9,000KB) per file. It supports JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats. The tool comes with only basic features but gets the job done.

8. Imagify

Imagify will suit normal users as well as web developers. Users can compress their files (maximum 2MB for free usage) and download them. There are three compression levels supported by the tool – Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. However, Imagify imposes a few limitations. Firstly, users have to signup and create an account even if they want to use the platform for free. Secondly, they get a quota of 20MB per month. Its paid plans start from $10 per month. A page optimization feature is also available to optimize website pages from URLs which is great for web developers.

9. Resize Photos

Resize Photos is online and enables users to compress their image files. It supports jpg, png, gif, BMP, and PSD file formats. A slider enables the customization of the quality, with lower quality leading to higher compression and a smaller file. Resize photos also supports resizing by enabling users to specify the width of the image. One thing that makes Resize Photos stand out among the best free image compression and optimization tools of 2022 is that users can even choose the output file format. They can save the file as jpg, png, gif, or BMP. Additionally, it even enables them to apply effects to their images.

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