Best Screenshot APPs 2020 – Capture Anything on Your Screen

Best Screenshot APPs 2020 – Capture Anything on Your Screen

Screenshot apps have become an essential requirement nowadays. You can use them to save conversations and messages, make notes, create references, or share information. Bloggers and media outlets may find screen capture utilities indispensable. Even though most smartphones allow you to take screenshots, screenshot programs offer extra features. Built-in screenshot features of devices like iOS, Android, and Windows are only limited to capturing and cropping screenshots. Their editing features are minimal if they have any at all.

Screenshot apps allow you to edit the captured images. You can add text, shapes, designs, and annotations to them using snipping tools. Some apps can highlight text or other areas, crop and edit the taken screenshot, and share images with others. They enable you to save high-quality screenshots in various file formats. You can also take screenshots of the whole webpage through the screenshot apps that support the feature. Another advantage of screen capture utilities is that you can snag screenshots through an overlay or by shaking your phone. It is easier than holding two buttons on your Android smartphone at the same time.

Best Screenshot APPs 2020 – Capture Anything on Your Screen

If you are searching for the best screenshot apps of 2020, then here are the best picks. They are available for different platforms that include Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You can capture anything on your desktop screen and edit and share it with these screenshot apps.

Screenshot Touch

1. Screenshot Touch – Android

Screenshot Touch is among the most popular screenshot apps for the Android platform. Users can take screenshots through a single touch or by shaking the device. It supports scroll capture through its in-app browser and via URLs. The screenshot tool allows you to crop images, draw annotations, and share them online or with apps. Screenshot Touch program can capture the screen and audio to create a video for tutorials or other purposes. It is possible to change file formats and adjust the quality (JPEG) of captured screenshots. Screenshot Touch is one of the screen capture utilities that contain ads, but you can avail of the in-app purchases to remove them. 

Screen Master

2. Screen Master: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup – Android

Screen Master is an excellent option for the Android platform when it comes to the best screenshot apps. It enables you to snag screenshots through the floating button or by shaking the phone. You can crop images, add annotations, draw arrows and shapes, and pixelate or blur certain areas after you capture a screenshot. Screen Master saves images in high-quality without any loss. It can automatically combine multiple images into a long screenshot. Users can capture the whole webpage with its URL through this screenshot app. Screen Master contains ads but also offers in-app purchases. 

Awesome Screenshot for Safari

3. Awesome Screenshot for Safari – iOS and macOS

Awesome Screenshot for Safari is a free screenshot app for iPhone and iPad users. It is an extension for the Safari web browser used in iOS devices. You can take screenshots in the browser using it. The screenshot tool comes with various annotation tools for tasks like highlighting the text, inserting shapes, or drawing objects on the image. After you snag screenshots, you can save them locally or export them through various platforms. It supports full-page screenshots as well. Awesome Screenshot for Safari screenshot app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and is available for free.


4. Picsew: Screenshot Stitching – iOS

Picsew is one of the unique screenshot apps available for iPhone and iPad users. It can automatically combine multiple screenshots to create a single Scrollshot. Users can select up to three hundred images and manually stitch them in horizontal and vertical directions. Picsew screenshot program allows you to add annotations and watermark after you snag screenshots. It requires iOS 12.0 or later on the smartphone. Picsew is one of the screen capture utilities that are free to use but offer in-app purchases to unlock advanced features. 


5. Skitch – Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

Skitch is one of the best screenshot apps available across multiple device platforms. It allows users to take screenshots and create annotations. The app comes with various editing and snipping tools and has a user-friendly interface. You can add arrows, shapes, sketches, and text after you capture screenshots or to an existing image using the Skitch screenshot tool. It supports sharing via direct uploads to various platforms and also through emails. Skitch is provided by Evernote and is completely free to use. The screenshot app is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems. 

Lightshot for Mac

6. LightShot – macOS and Windows

LightShot is one of the screen capture utilities available for both macOS and Windows users. You can snag screenshots and customize them using the screenshot program. It enables you to capture a selected area on the desktop. Add text, shapes, and sketches with the app after you take the screenshot. The editing and snipping tools pop up on the desktop once you select an area for grabbing. Users can avail of a more powerful online editor. You can also search for images that are similar to the taken screenshot. LightShot is a screenshot tool that supports direct upload to cloud or online platforms. It is completely free to use for both macOS and Windows operating systems.

Snip & Sketch

7. Windows Snip & Sketch – Windows

Snip & Sketch is a screenshot app that is installed by default in Windows 10 operating system. It improves the original Snipping Tool found in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 operating systems. The app allows you to take screenshots on the desktop. You can edit the images with the pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, and crop tools after you capture screenshots. The screenshot program can export files through various supported apps and wirelessly. Although it lacks a few features found in aftermarket screen capture utilities, Snip & Sketch is entirely free to use. Users on Microsoft operating systems released before Windows 10 can consider the original Snipping Tool to snag screenshots. 

FastStone Capture

8. FastStone Capture – Windows

FastStone Capture is one of the fully-featured screen capture utilities designed to take screenshots. It has a wide range of editing and snipping tools. You can create annotations, apply effects like blur, and insert watermarks once you capture screenshots. The screenshot tool allows you to export the images to email addresses, insert them in apps like Word and Excel, and upload directly to a website through FTP. FastStone Capture screenshot app even supports screen recording and audio recording and saves them as WMV files. A lifetime license of the screenshot program costs $19.95, although a 30-day trial is also provided. It is available for the Windows OS platform.


9. ShareX – Windows

ShareX is an open-source screenshot tool with a comprehensive set of features. It supports a wide range of methods to capture screenshots. You can perform various tasks afterward that include saving the file, exporting it, scanning a QR code from it, or adding watermarks or effects. ShareX screenshot program has an extensive range of annotation tools for editing after you snag screenshots. There are many productivity features included in the snipping tool. It supports more than eighty platforms for uploading, sharing, or exporting the files. ShareX screenshot app is available for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 operating systems and is completely free with no advertisements. 


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