VR  vs. AR  vs. MR: Differences & Practical Applications

VR vs. AR vs. MR: Differences & Practical Applications

The three realities ruling the world of technology are nothing less than magic. Fiction becomes a reality through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. The technology world of the current era is thrived by the realities mentioned above. To understand the difference between these technologies, first, we need to grasp their essential concepts and practical examples. Let us keep the mind away from real-world Reality and dive into the world of technology-generated realities.

What Is VR Virtual Reality

What Is VR (Virtual Reality), and How Does it Work?

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VR (Virtual Reality) has been one of the most exciting technological developments in recent years. While it was introduced as a niche segment a few years ago, it is becoming mainstream with time. The launch of games and applications, such as 360° videos from Facebook, has further driven the success of VR (Virtual Reality). It is being used for entertainment, education, gaming, training, research and development, medical procedures, and even socializing.