Best Video Flicker Removal Tools – Fixes Flickering Videos Quickly and Easily

Video flicker removal tools can be a handy item for casual users and professionals alike. They remove flickering in videos quickly, saving you time and effort. There is no need to reshoot the footage because of annoying lights. The tools can also fix flickering in videos shot in timelapse or slow-motion modes.

What is a Video Deflicker Tool?

A video deflicker tool is an application or a plugin that removes flickering in videos. It may use different algorithms to smooth out the video and remove flickering from objects in it. The tool can also denoise footage from old cameras and movies. Flickering in videos is generally caused when a strobing artificial light source like a light bulb, fluorescent tube, or neon lamp appears in the video. Artificial lights flicker, but the naked human eye can’t notice it. Their flicker rate depends on the electricity grid in the region. In countries that have a 50Hz connection, they flicker 50 times, while in others with a 60Hz mains, they may flicker 60 times. If the camera’s shutter speed is not aligned with the light source’s frequency, it will induce flickering in the video. Many cameras have the NTSC setting for 60Hz and the PAL setting for 50Hz frequency.

Time-lapse and slow-motion videos may suffer from flickering as well. It occurs when the camera and the light source are out of sync. Ideally, the shutter speed of the camera must be twice that of the video’s fps. For recording 24fps footage, the camera’s shutter speed must be set to 1/50 (ideally 1/48, but the same option is not present in most cameras). For 30 fps recording, the shutter speed should be 1/60.

Flickering is also seen in displays like monitors and TVs when their screen is recorded through a camera. The propellers or blades of a drone or airplane can also cause flickering if they are in the line of sight of the camera. Flickering can also occur if the video file is corrupted. However, you will need file repair software instead of a video flicker removal tool for the corrupted files.

Best Video Flicker Removal Tools – Fixes Flickering Videos Quickly and Easily

Here are some of the best video flicker removal tools. Most of them are available as plugins and filters for video editing software, although a couple of them come as standalone applications. Some of them are ideal for casual users, while the expensive ones are more suitable for professionals. You may choose one according to your requirements.

#1. Ashampoo Video Deflicker

Ashampoo Video Deflicker is one of the best video flicker removal tools. It can remove flickering in videos caused by light sources, propellers of drones or airplanes, and displays. The software works automatically without requiring the users to intervene in the process manually. They don’t have to go through multiple menus or click several times to fix flickering in videos. The video deflicker can additionally crop, mirror, and rotate videos. Users can also adjust white balance and colors or optimize exposure and saturation using the tool.

Ashampoo Video Deflicker has a simple interface with sliders and text boxes, eliminating the need to browse multiple nested menus. It can get rid of flickering lights or fix propeller flicker in videos of any resolution, including HD, 2K, and 4K. The tool supports all common video formats. Ashampoo Video Deflicker costs $29.99 and is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

#2. Digital Anarchy Flicker Free Plugin

The Flicker Free plugin from Digital Anarchy is a versatile option among the best video flicker removal tools. The plugin is compatible with a wide range of editing software, and you don’t need to learn a new one. It can get rid of flickering lights and fix flickering in videos due to cameras and lights being out of sync or when shooting slow motion or time-lapse footage. Flicker Free can also fix propeller flicker in drone videos. It is relatively easy to use but does require video editing software. The Flicker Free plugin works with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, NUKE, and many other OpenFX video editing apps and suites. The video deflicker plugin costs $149 and is available for Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Free demo versions are also available for users who want to try out the video flicker removal tool.

#3. Neat Video 5 Plugin

Neat Video 5 is an excellent choice for professionals considering the best video flicker removal tools. It is a plugin that works with various video editing software like After Effects, Premiere Final Cut, Resolve, and Media Composer. The tool is designed to eliminate noise and grain from video footage. It removes flickering in videos, rectifies film scratches and dust, suppresses jitter, sharpens videos, gets rid of flickering lights, and addresses other noise types. Neat Video 5 has a comprehensive set of filter presets to solve different video footage issues.

The Home version of the Neat Video 5 plugin is available from $74.90, while the Pro version starts at $129.90. Its price depends on the tool with which the plugin will be used. The Home version limits maximum frame size to 1920×1080 and is intended for personal use, while the Pro version has no limit on frame size and may be employed for commercial purposes. The Neat Video 5 video deflicker is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows operating systems. Discounted bundles are available for users who may use the plugin with multiple tools.

#4. Boris Continuum BCC Flicker Fixer

Boris Continuum’s BCC Flicker Fixer plugin is a superb product among the best video flicker removal tools. It is a part of the Image Restoration unit of the Continuum suite. The tool can fix flickering in videos through Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Da Vinci Resolve, FCP X (Motion 5), NUKE, and VEGAS Pro.

Users can apply the Flicker Fixer filter to remove flickering in videos. There are three different methods provided for the same, a Frame Analysis method to fix flickering in videos with fast-moving objects and two Temporal Smoothing methods for clips without fast-moving objects. In addition to the Flicker Fixer filter, other filters and presets are also included in the Image Restoration unit. Therefore, it is suitable for professionals who want much more than a simple video deflicker. BCC Flicker Fixer is available for Macintosh and Windows versions of most of the compatible tools. Users have the option to purchase either the whole suite or only the Image Restoration unit. A single license of the unit with video flicker removal costs $299.00, while the Continuum suite is priced at $995.

#5. RE:Vision Effects DEFlicker

DEFlicker from RE:Vision Effects is another great option for users searching for the best video flicker removal tools. It removes flickering in videos that are shot at a high frame rate or for timelapse footage. Users can get rid of flickering lights due to artificial light sources. The video deflicker can fix footage with multiple objects flickering at different rates.

DEFlicker video flicker removal plugin is compatible with more than a dozen applications. The most popular of these include After Effects, Premiere Pro, Autodesk, Baselight, Catalyst Edit, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Fusion Studio, HitFilm, Natron, Nucoda, and Vegas Pro. DEFlicker is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. A standard license of the tool costs $249.95 for tools like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Da Vinci Resolve. Other types of filters and plugins are also available from RE:Vision Effects.

#6. GBDeflicker

GBDeflicker is an alternative for Adobe product users when it comes to the best video flicker removal tools. It is an Adobe-compatible plugin that will work with applications from the company. The tool primarily removes flickering in videos featuring time-lapse or stop motion. GBDeflicker is easy to use for casual users and comes with advanced customization options for professionals. It works with After Effects and Premiere Pro. Users can get rid of flickering lights and fix propeller flicker in file formats that are supported by these applications.

GBDeflicker 4 is currently selling for $59, which is quite affordable compared to the other video flicker removal plugins. A drawback of the tool is that it only works with Adobe software. The video deflicker is available for Mac and Windows operating systems.

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